Baby Namings & Christenings



Seed to root to plant to flower to seed–
a soul arrives.
And what it brings to bloom,
an essence unmistakable—
like the scent of lilacs or roses.

Ben and Teri provided a luminous, beautiful christening ceremony for our baby. They presented us with a fully realized program, then worked collaboratively to personalize it. The planning process was easy thanks to their gentle wit and wisdom. Ben and Teri brought a natural sense of spiritual refinement to the ceremony which made everyone comfortable and helped us experience the joy of the day. We also got something we didn’t expect: an even deeper appreciation of the gift a baby brings.
— Larry

Each newborn carries in an essence, both unmistakable and unique.  What a privilege it is for us to help you welcome and celebrate the arrival of this new one in your life. We look forward to each opportunity to craft a personalized ceremony that makes both sacred and festive this life-changing event. We are dedicated to collaborating with you in identifying those elements of celebration, ritual, and family tradition that will acknowledge the uniqueness of the "newly arrived" one, and that conveys a warm and loving welcome of your child into the life of your family and community. 

We know firsthand how transforming and affirming a baby naming and christening ceremony can be.  We have served independently as well as together in officiating christenings and baby naming ceremonies including those for babies born to family members and dear friends. We are ordained ministers of a spiritual community that celebrates the sacred in all cultures and across all religions and that celebrates the mystery of being human. Thus, we honor all philosophies, beliefs and traditions--religious, spiritual, secular, inter-faith and multi-cultural. 

With gratefulness and great anticipation, we look forward to working with you.

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