Other Essential Ceremonies 


Lanita's blessing.jpg
We cannot thank you enough for the fabulous ceremony that you wrote. I have had dozens tell me that they were so moved by your words—how you captured us.
— Stephen

Our lives seem to have accelerated in recent years and it is easy to forget to stop to recognize the essential milestones, achievements, and transitions so worthy of the time it takes to recognize, make sacred, honor, and celebrate. We are here to help you to creatively recognize these essential life-events and to imbue them with the significance most appropriate to your milestone or threshold of change.  We have experience in creating personalized occasions appropriate for you and to the moment. 

Examples of possible Milestone Celebrations:

  • A child's "coming of age"
  • The honoring and blessing of a new home
  • A new parent's blessing
  • The renewal of your vows
  • Ending of a relationship/marriage
  • Celebrating a graduation with ceremony
  • Tributes to a special pet
  • Blessing the final days at the end-of-life
  • Welcoming of a newly adopted child
  • Celebrating a recovery
  • Achieving an Elder or Crone status

You can trust our willingness to work with you in striking just the right tone for your particular milestone. With gratefulness and great anticipation, we look forward to working with you.

For questions, pricing, or other info, please contact us at (303) 819-3034 or Ben@essentialceremonies.com.