We cannot thank you enough! You came highly recommend and surpassed any and all expectations. The consideration you showed towards our feelings and desires as well as the attention you paid to every detail helped to make our wedding the most special day of our lives. We appreciated meeting with you in the days that led up to our wedding to brainstorm and discuss the various elements that made up your presentation of our nuptials. It gave us tremendous peace of mind to know that with everything else we had to pay attention to, your aspect of our big day would go smoothly. By the end of the ceremony you left less an officiant than an actual friend of the family and guest attending our wedding. Thank you for all your hard work.
— Cris and Larissa
Honestly, we could not have done this without your beautifully written and enthusiastic presence and presentation.
— Judye
We cannot thank you enough for the fabulous ceremony that you wrote. I have had dozens tell me that they were so moved by your words—how you captured us.
— Stephen
Once again I don’t how we can fully thank you for the great service you provided for Margie. Every one seemed to feel it was one of the most impressive services they have attended. Thank you so very much.
— Joyce and Jack
I am very grateful for your help in creating a memorial service for my father that was meaningful for me, my mother & my family. You have the gift, compassion and insight to create a beautiful ceremony fitting to the individual circumstances. Your attention and sincerity helped us all.
— Janet
The rose tribute with the grandsons, the beautifully written poems, and special “Jackie’s Recipe” cards gave the ceremony a special touch. We appreciate all you contributed to make this a comforting way to bring closure to her life here and release her to a new one.
— Vickie
Ben and Teri provided a luminous, beautiful christening ceremony for our baby. They presented us with a fully realized program, then worked collaboratively to personalize it. The planning process was easy thanks to their gentle wit and wisdom. Ben and Teri brought a natural sense of spiritual refinement to the ceremony which made everyone comfortable and helped us experience the joy of the day. We also got something we didn’t expect: an even deeper appreciation of the gift a baby brings.
— Larry