You are not only joining the lineage of your respective families but uniting what is most unique, most essential to each of you—forming a union that is unmistakable, a creation all your own.

Honestly, we could not have done this without your beautifully written and enthusiastic presence and presentation.
— Judye

It is our honor to work with you in crafting a personalized wedding that celebrates the time-honored tradition of exchanging vows with your beloved, and making both sacred and festive your commitment to the marriage and the home you are creating. We look forward to collaborating with you in creating a most magical ceremony that imbues this new beginning, this threshold, with the qualities and elements you most want to express.


Each wedding ceremony should be distinctive and tailored to the uniqueness of each couple. We are dedicated to calling out from you those elements of celebration and ritual that are authentic to your relationship and then creating an unforgettable aesthetic of joy for all those in attendance.

We know firsthand how transformative and magical a wedding ceremony can be.  We have served independently as well as together in officiating weddings in a variety of settings including those for family and dear friends. We are ordained ministers of a spiritual community that celebrates the sacred in all cultures and across all religions and that celebrates the mystery of being human. Thus, we honor all philosophies, beliefs and traditions--religious, spiritual, secular, inter-faith and multi-cultural.


We welcome the chance to creatively engage with you in making this the wedding that epitomizes the relationship you are cultivating as well as the marriage and the home you are now making. 

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