Funerals / Memorials


Seed to root to plant to flower to seed—
earth to bloom to earth—
a soul returns.
And what it leaves behind,
an essence unmistakable—
like the scent of cinnamon or cloves.

I am very grateful for your help in creating a memorial service for my father that was meaningful for me, my mother & my family. You have the gift, compassion and insight to create a beautiful ceremony fitting to the individual circumstances. Your attention and sincerity helped us all.
— Janet

We look forward to collaborating with you in identifying those elements of remembrance, celebration,  and ritual that are authentic to your loved one as well as are nourishing for your family. It is our honor to work with you in crafting a personalized ceremony that captures the unmistakable essence of your loved one.

The Scottish poet, William Campbell says that “To live in the hearts we leave behind is not to die.” A fitting tribute and affirmation of a person’s life can ensure continued life in the hearts of those who remain. The unique legacy of the individual as told through story, quotes, music, poetry, memories can serve as a source of inspiration and comfort for all in attendance for the days and years ahead.


We know firsthand how vital and sustaining a personal tribute and commemoration can be.  We have served independently as well as together in officiating funerals and memorials including those for family and dear friends. We are ordained ministers of a spiritual community that celebrates the sacred in all cultures and across all religions and that celebrates the mystery of being human. Thus, we honor all philosophies, beliefs and traditions--religious, spiritual, secular, inter-faith and multi-cultural. 

Along with our experience and talent, we bring our sincere desire to make sacred each passing, each life, each celebration and remembrance. 

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